Visor Fest


Enjoy the best national and international bands in the expansive venue of La Fica (Murcia)

Featuring international and local artists and bands from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s who still bring a fresh and current vibe. Enjoy the golden days of music without any of the stress: lots of space, comfort, no overlapping sets, short lines, and an amazing atmosphere.

Una experiencia global que busca rememorar la época donde lo más importante era la música, pudiendo disfrutar además sin agobios de todo lo que rodea al festival: Espacio para todo, con comodidad, sin grandes colas y con ambientazo.

At La Fica in Murcia, with fantastic weather, great food options, and all the perks of a wonderful city like Murcia.

How to Get There


To get to La Fica, near the concert venue, cross the river and you might find parking spots. We always recommend using public transportation, but if you drive, here are some free public parking spots suggested by the City Council.


If you’re taking the bus, various lines will get you to La Fica. Check out the link with all the bus routes and schedules in Murcia (La Fica is located near the Auditorium and Conference Center on the map

Download bus map.

Contact Numbers

  • Tourism Murcia 968 35 86 00 ext. 50681
  • Municipal Info 010
  • Local Police 092
  • Radio Taxi Murcia 968 24 88 00
  • Airport 913 21 10 00
  • Bus Station 968 29 22 11
  • Gender Violence Hotline 016
  • Medical Emergencies 061
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Concierto de rock Visorfest, organización de eventos a nivel nacional en Murcia